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It's all about Mum this month – don’t let hearing loss spoil the party!

For many of us, family gatherings are a rare and valuable opportunity to spend time face-to-face with loved ones. If you have a hearing loss, you may be unable to fully enjoy this time because multiple speakers, background noise and distance make it too difficult to hold a conversation. This leads to social isolation, and also affects relationships.

Understanding speech in background noise is one of the biggest challenges for people with hearing loss, and hearing aid technology is more focused on this problem than any other. As effective as hearing aids have become at separating speech from noise, hearing aid users still have more difficulty hearing in noise than those with normal hearing. However, Remote Microphone technology can make an enormous difference.

Example: Oticon ConnectClip

Remote Microphones are simply wireless microphones that transmit their signal directly to a person’s hearing aids. If you have hearing aids with a Remote Microphone, you can hand the mic to someone you want to talk to, and even in a noisy restaurant, you will hear that person's voice clearly above the background noise. In technical terms, Remote Microphone technology improves the “Signal to Noise Ratio”.

There are other uses for these accessories as well. Depending on the brand, Remote Microphones have a range of 10-20 m, so in a lecture situation, you could give it to the presenter, whose voice would be streamed directly to your hearing aids. Some remote microphones also double as Bluetooth streaming devices and can be used for hands-free phone calls or audio streamers for Zoom meetings or TV.

Every hearing aid brand has its own proprietary Remote Microphone that will work with most of their hearing aids (except the tiny invisible ones).

Remote Microphones are optional accessories and are usually valued at around $400. For the month of May, we are offering a free Remote Microphone with any hearing aid purchase, across all brands.

Want to find out more? You can now book online!

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