Unitron SHIFT Ready-To-Wear kit

Unitron SHIFT Ready-To-Wear kit

SHIFT is a life-enhancing hearing solution that’s more than a clever amplifier. It works together with a smartphone app to give you more control over the way you hear. And, it packs industry-leading features into a sleek design that fits comfortably on your ear.


• Great sound – adaptive technology automatically adjusts to changing sound environments to seamlessly deliver better hearing
• Direct connectivity – wireless streaming for hands-free phone calls and music, directly to your hearing devices
• Convenient and safe – shipped right to your door, setup and optimised by you with the easy-to-use app (no need for an in-person appointment until it’s safe to have one)
• Support you can trust – confidence that comes with a professional recommendation and convenient self-serve support options, including how-to videos, and more


• Easy to set-up
• Personalise your sound profile and optimise on-the-go
• Direct media streaming via Bluetooth®
• Hands-free phone calls to both ears
• Programs optimise sound for conversations in quiet and noise, as well as live music


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