How to choose the best hearing aid for you

June 16, 2019


Trying to find the best hearing aid for you can be challenge. Here are just a few reasons why:


  • There are numerous manufacturers of hearing aids.

  • The brands and/or models that get the most marketing exposure may not be the best for your hearing needs.

  • Some hearing clinics will only offer you one or two brands (due to a preferred supplier agreement or because a manufacturer owns the clinic).

  • Some clinic chains have their own exclusive hearing aid models, making it difficult to draw a direct comparison with the standard models available.

  • Within each hearing aid family, there are multiple levels of technology, with different tech features available.

  • Each manufacturer uses different marketing terms to refer to their tech features (but with a good knowledge of hearing aids, these features can be compared between manufacturers).


It is a traditional practice in hearing clinics for a customer to buy a hearing aid based on the information given to them, with the option of returning or exchanging that device within a certain period after the purchase if they are not satisfied.



However, times have changed, and customers are increasingly asking to trial technology before considering making a purchase. In response to this, several hearing aid manufacturers are producing demonstration models that can be re-configured to any of the technology levels available. This gives customers the flexibility to trial any model they choose.



At Lindfield Audiology, we offer all major hearing aid brands at competitive prices, and we invite you to come and see us for a free trial.




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