Owner and audiologist: Mitch Adair

Mitch's working life has been dedicated to sound and hearing. His first degree was in audio engineering, and he went on to work in an orchestral recording studio before completing the Master of Clinical Audiology program at Macquarie University.


Mitch is experienced in both adult and paediatric hearing assessment and balance assessment as well as having worked with all leading hearing aid brands over the course of his clinical career. His practice is independent of hearing aid companies and there is no preferred manufacturer.

Mitch has particular expertise with hearing implants, having worked for several years as a clinical specialist for Cochlear Limited. He also has a special interest tinnitus treatment, and has been certified in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. 

We are co-located with Laverty Pathology in the Lindfield Medical Suites

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Lindfield Medical Suites,
Suite 6, 12 Tryon Road
Lindfield NSW 2070

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